A message from the School Council

“This year we doing something different with the School Council. We spoke to a school that has a very successful council and we decided to adopt their model. The School Council is run as a collective from Year 5. We are assigned to a particular class in the school and every month we hold two class council meetings, one where we ask for ideas on how to improve the school. We take these ideas back to the Year 5 school council collective for discussion and we then write the minutes of the meeting and hand it to the Headteacher. The other meeting is where we feed back after the Headteacher has met with us to discuss the minutes.

Our teachers, Mr Tottie, Mr Rampley  and Mr Wells help us. We enjoy being on the School Council, it’s an important job.”

School Council report of the meeting:

Autumn 2015 report

Spring 1st half term 2016 report

Spring 2nd half term 2016 report

Autumn 2016 report